You Don’t Wanna Miss – Baby Shakira Dancing on Hips Don’t Lie

We are going offbeat from shakira’s latest track ‘She Wolf’ to one of her all time hits – ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ This Baby Shakira moves her hips with so much ease and she is damn cute. We love this clipping and shared this for the world to enjoy!


Shakira’s Backstage Interview About Shewolf For Walmart Soundcheck

When you hear Shakira explain her new single “She Wolf,” you will know there is much more than her sexy, electro-star persona — it actually has a meaning. “The she wolf is not only me, it’s the woman of our time…It’s about defending those individual liberties that belong to all of us,” the Shewolf singer says in her backstage interview with Walmart Soundcheck. You heard that people!

Shakira will defend her right to be the sex symbol she is when she takes the Walmart Soundcheck stage to perform songs from her new album of the same name, due in stores November 17.

Her performances will go live on September 28, but you can get a preview by clicking play on the video below.


Shakira She Wolf: Album Title and Artwork Revealed!

The Artwork of Shakira’s latest album She Wolf, which will be released next month, is revealed. And here is a treat for all you Shakiholic Fans. The artwork looks like this:

Shakira Artwork


So better save all your pennies for next month to become the first one to grab the Sizzling Beauty’s Smashit!!!

Exclusive She Wolf Behind the Scenes Video- Part 3

Here’s the third and final part of the She Wolf documentary, which culminates with the video itself..

The Way of the She-Wolf

For all of you who’ve been wondering, why would the She-Wolf show cast her paw as a spotlight at the launch?

The Way of the Wolf works likes this. First, a daring display of sheer bravado – casting her sigil out for the world to see – indicating her presence to everyone around. We showed you that earlier.

What was harder to spot was this.

Sea Wolf at Bandra Worli Sea-Link - the Way of the Wolf

The She – Wolf works in mysterious ways. Several people would have spotted the paw in our earlier expose. But the ABOVE pic shows clear evidence that the She-Wolf is indeed in Mumbai though fewer would have managed to spot it. Her paw was part of several displays of fireworks, with each set concealing her paw in myriad ways. So, if you managed to see the fireworks yesterday in Mumbai, chances are you also saw the She Wolf there.

But you don’t remember it. No, you won’t. Because the paw flickers on the edge of perception, on the periphery of your vision, flickering at a frequency faster than your eyes can process. A camera MAY be able to capture it. And we found it. After scanning thousands of photos of the Fireworks display, the pic shows the Way of the Wolf. It is much like the usual modus operandi of our She-Wolf. She casts her mark imperceptibly all over. The result, a sort of awareness, but an awareness without certainity, with increases the fear. And once you give in to the fear, you’re her prey.

So the next time, you feel your skin stand up, the next time you feel someone is watching you, the next time you jump at shadows, or you catch glittering eyes in the dark, be aware – the She Wolf is near.

So, if ever you’re walking alone and you get that strange tingling in the back of your mind that someone is following you, call us, for if it is the She Wolf, your life may be in grave peril.