Shakira’s latest remix ‘She Wolf (Moto Blanco Club Mix)’ up for virtual grab on 28th and 29th October!

Yet for all its genre hopping hurricane Shakira provides again backbone and continuity – She Wolf is exactly the sort of endearingly bonkers, hugely likable often brilliant record all superstars should be making.

She Wolf Album has Club ready tracks such as Spy and the next single ‘She Wolf (Moto Blanco Club Mix)’ means that She Wolf has all the markings of a great pop record..

So cracking news for all our ShakiHolic fans in India! We repeat, whatever we do in this space is purely exclusive, no denials to that. After a virtual sneak peak of the premiere, Shakira’s – She Wolf song. Her latest remix of the same song is out for a virtual grab. So go ahead and be the first one to grab this fab song exclusively on Monday 28th October 2009. and 29th October 2009.

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