Shakira Shewolf Reviewed 4 Stars- Q Magazine

The Global Pop Star with her mesmerizing looks and swirling body is top rated by Q Magazine as it quotes : “The Columbian Pop Pixie: Naughty But Nice”

Here is a complete low down for all you Shakiholic Fans


Shakira She Wolf Eludes, The Album is Out for Picks!

Sony Music Artist, Shakira is with her latest body of work entitled, She Wolf is released on October 13th. The highly anticipated new album features “Did It Again”, “Gypsy” and the Super Hit “She
Wolf” which Shakira both co-wrote and co-produced. She Wolf marks the artists’ third English-language release.
She Wolf features a predominantly English track list with a follow up album of new and unique repertoire in Spanish to come in 2010.  For She Wolf, which was recorded in the Bahamas, Shakira worked closely with the likes of artist/producer Pharrell, Wyclef Jean, The Neptunes, and Santigold producer John Hill. Though most tracks on the upcoming album will be in English, Shakira chose to service the Spanish version of the first single, Loba on June 29th, 2009, two weeks before the English single was launched.  Loba was made available globally in recognition of Shakira’s longstanding fan base and unique bilingual appeal.
“She Wolf”,  the title track off the album, boasts the infectious and energizing sound that made Shakira a household name.  The single saw a chart topping US debut with nearly a million singles sold, topping the iTunes singles chart and making it #1 on the hot single sales chart. The video for “She  Wolf” has been sweeping the world, debuting at #1 on iTunes and MTV, remaining the #2 selling video on iTunes. To date, Shakira has had over 35 million YouTube views since the “She Wolf” video debuted at the end of July making it one of the biggest videos of the year!
Internationally “She Wolf” has already proven to be a smash,  nabbing a recent nomination for “Best Video” at the European MTV Video Awards and remains #1 in 7 countries and Top 5 in 14 countries including the UK, Ireland, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.
Shakira boasts a string of chart-topping hits in both English and Spanish and sales of over 50 million records.  Her last project, Oral Fixation Volumes 1&2, has sold in excess of 8 million albums worldwide with the singles La Tortura and Hips Don’t Lie having earned over 10 million digital downloads.

Finally Sony Music Artist, Shakira is out with her latest body of work entitled, She Wolf

Released on October 13th, the highly anticipated new album features “Did It Again”, “Gypsy” and the Super Hit “She Wolf” which Shakira both co-wrote and co-produced. She Wolf marks the artists’ third English-language release.

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Shakira She Wolf

Also the Contest Continues…

Sony Music on Twitter and Facebook brings you Finalcountdown@Shewolf Contest – a stunning chance to win Shakira’s ‘She Wolf’ album and 25 copies are for grabs during the She Wolf Album launch.

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Exclusive She Wolf Behind the Scenes Video- Part 1

She Wolf continues to ripple around the globe, we’ve got a bit of a treat for you this time- a full documentary filmed on the set of the She Wolf video. So theres one more reason for all you Shakiholic fans to tune into your favorite Single.

We’ve divided it into Three parts. Here’s the First One…

Look out for Part Two Soon

The Exclusive Shewolf Video Premieres Today!!

Great news for all our ShakiHolic fans in India!! Now as the ten second teaser video of shakira went on to become a massive hit, we present to you the Officially Exclusive Shewolf Video Premiere today at 12 Noon.  She Wolf is pictured to be the no. 1 video of Shakira in India.

Wondering where to go to watch the magic, Click on the image below to get the glimpse of the wildness….

shakira video banner

Fans, Shakira-Shewolf Is Officially On Facebook!!

The Shewolf is revealed but her quest to make it big on the charts still continues. The gorgeous diva is now dwelling on The Shakira-Shewolf Fan Page on Facebook. Her true fans are already getting a gist of her exuberance on the Fan Page. Now that she’s unleashed herself, its time to make her know how much we love her. The fan following all across the globe knows no limit and why should it.


On the Facebook Fan Page you can add pictures of the dazziling superstar. You can also add your favourite Shakira tracks and videos. The bottomline is, you can do whatever you want that will make Shakira feel that her best fans are on this Fan Page. For that matter you can also send her messages or your personal experiences at a Shakira Concert. The Shewolf will be personally reading them on the Internet. She’s someone around as the prowl persists.

Shewolf Identity Puzzle Winners List!

Crazy Crazy Fans!!! We must thank all those who played the ultimate thriller puzzle to identify the ‘Shewolf‘.. We were appalled with response to the post both on and on other social networks over 100 participants were recorded from both these mediums alone.

T-shirt shewolf

Now for all those wanting to know who is the shewolf yet! It is the Sexy Shakira! Now lets check whether the ones guessed right won the Exclusive Shewolf Paw Marked Fan T-shirts the following is the list:

Megha Thomas
Megha Chand
Pravin Menezes
Jinit Mehta
Vivek Trivedi
Kavita Raghuraman
Suhas Anjaria
Anuj Gudekar

The shewolf fan t-shirts will be delivered to the winners (at the address provided by them) by Tuesday – 28th July. Incase you don’t receive it by then you can contact us on shewolf(dot)india(at)gmail(dot)com. Keep us posted with comments with what you thought about the video !

Shakira is out of the closet with her new single – ‘Shewolf’

Megha Chand
Pravin Menezes
Jinit Mehta
Vivek Trivedi
Kavita Raghuraman