Shewolf Is Shakira – First Exclusive Preview Video

What a way to unleash the beast! She was in a disguise,with eyes wide open under the moonlight she almost killed us. Her body was craving and she was hungry for more. From Monday to Friday her terror spread like she knew no mercy. She was wild and hungry to take revenge, while her existence got closer each day. So, that’s just a part of her breathtaking journey. The story continues…

Once was a she-wolf held in a closet. She cried for mercy and she cried to set her free. All she wanted to do was to breathe in the open. But no one heard the plea. Finally eluded from the closet she ventured across a bar, starring at her prey. Everything looked so prefect, she was almost going to get her way. The moon was her teacher and she was her mysterious student. The she-wolf walked pass the ocean to mark her land. The land that she loved, the land where she wants to be. The she-wolf trackers chased every move of this saucy superstar who was wearing a camouflage. She’s finally out in the light. So, feast your eyes on the heart-throbbing Diva!!


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