Crack The Mystery Behind Shewolf

Solve this easy puzzle, to reveal she-wolf’s identity.

Well, we finally decide to let you breathe a sigh of relief, by revealing who has been pawing around the city. But you know what, why be it so easy? Let’s do this in style.
All you need to do is solve a puzzle and identify who Shewolf is. So, solve the ‘Shewolf  Identity Puzzle’ now & win FREE Shewolf Fan T-shirts*!

Crack this thriller puzzle here

Crack this thriller puzzle here

Got it, yeah?

Once you did, fill in this form (Click Here) with your details to be eligible for the freebies.


Not to worry about this particular ‘conditions apply’! The only condition here, only the first 10 people who solve the puzzle successfully, followed by filling in the form are eligible for these freebies.

And aww, for the rest, firstly – a BIG THANKS from our side! You at least know who the real Shewolf is now! You can continue solving this puzzle for the entire week. [i,e. till the 27th of July or till the freebies last 😉 ]
*(Courtesy:  Sony Music)


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