More shewolf sightings in Bangalore

After we found the paw on a rock in Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore, we recieved some more shewolf signs across the city. One of them just outside the Gardens on an Autorickshaw and the others outside the Maharaja Palace Bangalore.

Auto outside Lalbagh Garden

Shewolf at Maharaja Palace

Shewolf’s high activity in Bangalore is a matter of concern.  Shewolf has practically toured the whole of country and left her marks everywhere – Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Kolkata, Hyderabad and now Bangalore. What is she searching for? Is there something in this country which will make her the most powerful beast? Or is India the country where she would get captured? Bangalore people, Just keep your eyes open as shewolf might be just nearby.



  1. hahah dun wrry!!! shewolf’s never gonna get as much powerful!! there are some real monsters in this country (yes i mean the politicians) which will never let themselves have a competition!!! so i guess its not a matter of concern no more!!!

    • Yeah Yeah…..The mystery is more powerful than any real or fake monster out here… The identity of shewolf can now be revealed. Participate in this cool game and reveal the beast’s true identity. Cool Fan freebies also to be won. Play here –

  2. 🙂 Good Publicity!!

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