Shewolf Spotted in Hyderabad.

Yes, as we expected in our last post, shewolf has moved to the south, and the city that she has attacked is Hyderabad. Our community through out India has become active, and a vigilant shewolf tracker in Hyderabad, found some marks similar to the shewolf’s paw mark on Charminar and immediately sent us this image.

Shewolf Spotted on Charminar

The pawmarks are clearly visible on the left minaret of Charminar, the icon of Hyderabad. Shewolf has now covered the mindscape of people around India from Gateway at Mumbai in the west, to Qutub Minar in the North and Howrah Bridge in East to now, Charminar in South. And yet we have not been able to see her physically. She has been a mystery and at every juncture we missed her by just a whisker. Yet we know, she is following a definite pattern. She has been successful in eluding us so far, but we assure you, we will capture her soon. Just help us track her out.



  1. OMG! I am worried about Sania Mirza, India’s beloved tennis sensation! She is getting engaged today in Hyderabad! Hope SheWolf spares her.

    • The paw mark at charminar is possibly a message to the people of India, that no location is far for shewolf. There could be a threat to the function of sania mirza.

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