Shewolf Is Back In Mumbai With A Paw

Sea-link, Trains, monuments, national budgets and then on one of the seven wonders on earth. Simply unstoppable, the terror keeps spreading all around. Reports and evidences clearly state that Shewolf is back in Mumbai. May be last time she migrated to see Mumbai’s rains and to her surprise it was only imminent.

paw print

Look at her paw mark on the train and then check out the tracks. There must have been something unholy that she might have stepped on before leaving her paw-mark since the tracks were completely dry. Now that it has started raining and the tracks are completely flooded, Shewolf thought of taking a stroll in Azad Maidan.

And look what she left. May be she’s sending us a message. May be she’s getting closer to the common man each day. But what she really means no one has a clue. All we can do is just keep you updated about her not-so-safe wanderings. She’s predacious, so watch out.

This is a real paw impression and it signifies that the images shown to the world in the past some day’s are not of an fictitious animal but the real shewolf on the prowl.


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