Shewolf Spotted on the local

We had asked all of you to be wary of the she-wolf. She has not struck for quite some time. We had assumed her activity was dormant due to our watchful monitoring. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The she-wolf was spotted by one brave soul  (who has requested anonymity) on one of Mumbai’s local trains. What looks like an innocent mud-blemish was actually the mark of the she-wolf. The picture below was clicked by him:


He sent this via email with the following message:

"Shewolf tracker,

I just captured the new mark of the shewolf on a local train while travelling. Though I am not sure if it is the mark, I think it could be. I am really scared and I want to help out the people of Mumbai by informing about her sightings. I have heard of her a lot and I am really feeling that she is somewhere near me. Please help me out. I dont want to be the next victim. Please do not publish my name or identity or else she would find me out. "

It might seem futile to monitor the trains now considering the she-wolf never strikes at the same locale twice, but it never hurts to be extra-vigilant. We advise all our readers, and everyone out there to keep a watchful eye for any indication of the she-wolf. Please stay indoors if the she-wolf has been spotted near you, or travel with someone. We'll keep a careful eye with our watchers across the city. If you spot anything similar, please let us know. Keep your cameras ready and call us as soon as you can. Stay aware.



  1. HE HE HE HE HEH EHE HE HE HEH , She-wolf without He-wolf woof woof woof …. Mumbai local, chalte raho

    • Hey He-wolf or who-ever…..She needs no-one for company and not you surely! Take care….You never know when she is back for more…..

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