She-Wolf Spotted Again in Mumbai

The she-wolf is wary, and elusive. Clever and cunning do not begin to define the consciousness that is her mind. The she-wolf preys on fear. That is her nature. Once she decides to haunt a city, she instills fear into their minds. Once that daunting understanding of a presence is there, begins a mysterious game of cat and mouse. The She-wolf does not attack, no! Instead, it lurks. The same way others of her species mark their territories, the she-wolf also sets her trap. The she-wolf prowls all popular locales, spreading her aura. Without being spotted. However, she slipped. Yesterday we were sent a photo by an external source that shows the She-Wolf at the Gateway of India! A paw-mark. Mind you, no simple camera can spot the she-wolf. The paw mark much like her presence is not a quantifiable presence that the mind recognises. No, it’s an awareness. Of danger…



It flickers throughout spectra, and appears but briefly to the human eye. It was luck, possibly, or her fated demise that helped us spot this!

We are currently on the look for the she-wolf. We have heard whisperings in the underground community that the she-wolf is coming, not just in Mumbai but plans to spread her presence across the nation.

For now, that’s all the updates we have. We shall soon inform you how YOU can help track the she-wolf. Also, a survival guide…



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